Battery pack power supply

Battery clip power supply

Often projects need powering from a portable supply and you don’t really want to redesign the power supply each time to just test out an idea.  This project designs the power supply to produce a 3.3V supply into a battery clip at currents of up to 2A.

It also uses parts from seed studios OPL so is should be relatively easy to get them to assemble them.

The battery clip connection is made using standard PP3 battery clip connectors from keystone which are available from Digikey, The advantage of using this type of connection is that it can be used with numerous different battery packs for 4,6,8 cell configurations as well as using PP3 type of batteries, so gives a good range of battery capacity options.

The design is based around the MP1496 from MPS which is a 4.5V-16V input regulator and uses a small inductor from TDK  the VLF5010ST-2R2M2R0

Battery clip schematic
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All of this can be fitted onto a vey small 2 layer PCB which is the same size as the PP3 battery connector enabling a regulated 3.3V output for your project.

Battery clip layout 2 layer PCB





The bill of materials for this project is below all resistors and capacitors are 0805 case size

—      ———                     —–
1        R1                           40.2K
1        R2                           13k
1        R3                           33k
1        R4                           10
1        R5                           55K

3        C1-C3                     22uF
2        C4,C5                     100nF
1        C6                          22nF

Integrated Circuits
1         U1                          MP1496DJ

1         J1                           Keystone 967

1         J2                           CONN-H2  SIL 2.54mm
1         L1                          2.2uH   VLF5010ST-2R2M2R0