RS232 DTE/DCE Adapter for the Raspberry Pi


This board allows the onboard raspberry pi  uart to be converted to RS232 level by use of the ADM23202 converter. It is designed as a raspberry pi zero hat and maximum flexibility is allowed by the use of jumpers to connect it as a DTE or a DCE connector(Or correct wiring mistakes).

The handshaking lines can be jumper connected as shown in the schematic.

In the schematic below the ADM3202 is connected to the TX and RX lines on the raspberry pi.

RS232 DTE/DCE selectable schematic



Assembly diagram

To assemble the board solder the 100nF capacitors and then solder the IC. Jumpers J3 & J4 need to be fitted the other jumpers are optional.

The bill of materials for the project is below


—  ———           —–
2    C1,C2               100nF
3    C3-C5               100n

Integrated Circuits
1    U1                  ADM3202

1    J1                  CONN-D9F
1    J2                  CONN-DIL40
2    J3,J4               CONN-SIL3
3    J5-J7               CONN-SIL2